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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Condition Your Mind for Success

Have you ever thought of something for a considerable length of time (good or bad thoughts) and find out that you start to live your thoughts.
You can't become a success thinking,"I can't do it", "It's too hard", "I give up", "I am a failure." Thinking this thoughts will definitely make you a failure. We become who we say we are.
God made us free moral agents-to choose who we want to be and what we want in life. You have a lot of say in how your life turns out. Focus your mind on productive things, channel your mind towards the future. Think good thoughts, "I can do it", "I can make straight A's in my term paper", "I'll be successful in life", "I'll be the best". Seize your future. Picture in your mind the desired goal until it is instilled in your subconcious.
Like William James said, "Men can change their circumstance by changing their attitude of mind. You change thoughts by changing what goes in (what goes in must come out), You control the future because you control your thoughts.
Go for the Max! Be the best, perfection is all about being the best.

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