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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thought of the Week

When others feel your negative outlook, they tend to deal with you in a negative manner. Behaviors and choices contribute to your state of being. We have the ability to choose both our behaviors and responses.As Rev. Robert H. Schuller often says, "If it’s going to be, it’s up to me."The power of a positive or a changed attitude has an amazing way of attracting positive responses from life. Whenever we change our inner attitudes and consciousness, life has a most astounding and miraculous way of responding positively and instantaneously in kind. Life brings success, fortune, and joy if you make a positive change. The best approach is to avoid all negative expressions towards others, things, and situations. Negative expressions are reflections of a wanting attitude, habit, or opinion, which has the tendency to suddenly attract negative responses from life. It can even destroy a work. There are dozens of major attitudes that each of us have. Examples of attitudes are whether one is -- considerate, cooperative, expansive, open-minded, mature, persistent, responsive, respectful, caring, nice, sincere, serious, truthful, and dozens of others. To truly understand where our attitudes are lacking, we would need to measure each of them, discover which ones we are lacking in, and make the concerted, determined effort to improve ourselves in those area.

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